Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dueling Ladders

I finished the 1/2 posts this weekend Here's a view post painting on Saturday:

As I was finishing these up, Jim went to Homer to pick up some hardi-plank/board-fake-wood stuff to cover the crappy porch soffits (no way we were going to strip thick paint while looking up - imagine neck aches, paint chips in the eyes, and no way to leverage the scraper...) Anyway, he comes back with the materials... and a new ladder! He was so excited about his new ladder, I had to capture it on camera. Warning, though - this is rated PG-13 for some gratuitous use of mild profanity... sorry Mom.

Just to put my reply in context, we've been using a little 6-foot wooden step ladder, left in the garage by the previous owner, for the past 4 1/2 years. Jim likes to say that it wobbles, but I contend that has more to do with the uneven ground than the actual ladder. Besides, if you follow ladder guidelines and don't step on the top two steps, it's all good.

So anyway, Jim used the new ladder to put up the cover-up soffits

And I used the old ladder to paint.

Luckily, both ladders do their job!

Then today we put the remaining railing and balusters up. It was not without problems. But I won't point them out, because we don't think anyone will actually notice them. Here's the pictures

A couple of side notes:
-The roofers are scheduled to start sometime this week.
-We turned on the pellet stove for the first time this season.


Jennifer said...

Very nice! Problems? I see no problems.

Lea said...

Looks beautiful! Put the final porch photo next to one of the photos from April. Beautiful work - especially the balusters. Paint on the posts is lovely.

Austin said...

Ok, your house looks absolutely amazing!!! I showed the pictures to Austin and told him you hand carved (okay, with a tool) and hand painted everything and he was rather impressed!