Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roofers in Progress

It's so much faster when you're not doing it yourself... oh, and when it's professionals working in teams...

Yet another dumpster in the driveway (only this one will probably be gone the fastest):

The only wierd thing is that we could have sworn that we were getting copper in the valleys. So when I saw the valleys this morning:

I was a little bummed out. I went back to the contract we signed, and sure enough, it says "Weave all valleys" Jim swears that he talked to them about copper in the valleys, though. Not sure how we missed it on the contract. ALWAYS THOROUGHLY READ YOUR CONTRACT! I think we were so focused on the type of shingle and making sure that the right parts got done or not done (like the center of the bay between the first & second floor). It's not going to kill us, but it is a little classier with the copper. Jim's going to call O'lyn and see what's up.

But I think the color and the look is nice. I wish I could take a picture from the second floor of the neighbor's house - but I think that's the teenager's party room. "ALEX!!!"


Anonymous said...

I think it looks great - really coordinates well with the pink. Am I seeing things or is there pink in the shingles?

What will you be doing with the bay? Some sort of siding shingle that gets painted or all copper or something I can't even begin to imagine???

Keep up the good work - it looks like a different house from when you started - fun & happy rather than old & dumpy.
Cheryl in Orlando

Tiffany said...

Thanks Cheryl! You are right - there is definitely color variation in the shingles. It's close enough to the pink. (I think the actual granules were brown and red and gray where it looks pink.)
In the middle of the bay, underneath the roofing shingles, is shaped fish-scale type wooden shingles, like I made for the garage peak. So probably next summer we'll expose those and replace if necessary. They'll be painted.

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