Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to Work

After a couple of weekends of not doing much for house renovations, this weekend we were back to the grindstone.

Most of Saturday I spent finishing the painting on the handrails & subrails - a deceptively time-consuming activity. I decided to paint them the dark green, so it took 3 coats.

Meanwhile, Jim did some electrical adjustments. The light we chose from Rejuvenation came in, so he put that up.

We also decided to put up 3 recessed lights

This really brightened the porch up - as you can see from this picture taken at dusk...

...which is particularly nice because for some reason, there is no street light that shines on our section of the street. And while this neighborhood is much safer than others I've lived in, it's still nice to be able to see what's happening when it's dark out.

Jim also moved the electrical box, which has been so beautifully displayed at the front door entrance (who chose that location????)

and moved it to a more inconspicuous location at the back of the porch - here is the hole that he drilled for the wires:

Much better location. Jim says it's for my Christmas lights and stuff. Which actually means that it's for my power tools and some family in the future's Christmas lights.

Then Sunday, we finally pulled back out THE BALULSTERS!!! We worked on two sections. I'll just go straight to the pictures, because that's all anyone wants to see!

The last two sections need parts of the 1/2 posts finished (they're in progress...) before they can be put up.

I can't believe how long it's taking to do this porch project. Last year it felt like we got soooo much more done. But it was all just straight clapboard stripping and painting. So much more detail on these, I guess.

I can't believe it, but we're already planning our "end of exterior renovation season" soup party...


alisa and sometimes brandon said...

Everything is looking AWESOME!

I'm constantly impressed by the details.

Nathan said...

How exciting! It's all coming together and it's looking amazing. Keep up the good work!

Stacey Lund-Walker said...

I can't believe how much progress you've made from when you started! It's a whole new house! You should do more before and after pictures.

Kristy said...

The porch looks amazing!!! I am so in LOVE with the balusters, you have no idea, and the lighting is just so wonderful.

Keep up the awesome work!

Gabriella said...

Hot damn! That is one gorgeous porch. I'm loving the balusters.