Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Follow Ups

Ta da! So here it is - this is the picture of warmth, ladies and gentlemen! Gather yourselves around because this is the first time in many months that the kitchen has been above 70 degrees! No longer do I have to do my homework bundled in thermals, sweatshirts, and wool socks while sitting on my hands... no no no! Now I can sit comfortably warm in front of the fire (or really anywhere in the house) It's a miracle!

And just in time, as the latest oil fillup was at an all-time high of $3.69 per gallon. We're still working out a few of the bugs, like what settings to leave it on during the day to minimize the pellet usage while keeping the house a reasonable setting when we're gone. We've been using about 1.5 bags per day. Most people say to not bother trying to use the thermostat. We might try it... maybe.

Second followup is on the house appraisal... it came in right at my estimate. I think the appraiser was being nice. Anyway, the refinancing continues on track.

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Gabriella said...

Oh hooray for WARM! There is nothing in the world worse than being cold. So glad you got your new stove up and running so quickly. Its super cute too!