Sunday, June 27, 2010

MGZ done... back to DIY

I should probably update this more than once a month...  but working full time and being a mommy leaves precious little time for blog updates unfortunately!

Anyway, MGZ finished the contract work on the garage.  It looks so fantastic!  We're very very happy with it.  We still have a few things to finish on it - we had to make some concessions to keep it all within a reasonable budget.  So the garage doors and the driveway are coming separately next week.  Then we have been working on the grass, and soon Jim will do the painting and lights. 

Here's the grass - it's coming in pretty nicely.  Jim waters it faithfully every morning and night.  He also put in the gravel to keep the topsoil from splashing back up onto the siding when it rains.
Everything looks so nice and uniform now.  No more big divets in the yard or random cement blocks.
Jim also got a truckload of mulch to help clean up the foundation plantings.  And remember the hated azaleas?  Well those have been pulled out now to make room for something better.  Thank you Toyota truck and big chain.

This is my favorite time of the year for the front yard plantings.  Everything is in bloom and the rose bushes are going crazy.

And in the front, you can also see that MGZ added the shaped cedar shingles to the front peak.  Jim has also been working to get some of the trim boards scraped for painting.

On the north side of the house, Jim also dug out a shape for the foundation.  We plan to extend the brick pavers that are in the front yard over to this side too.  One day.  For now, it's defined and has mulch.

This coming week will bring the driveway and the garage doors.  It's going to look pretty good when those are done...

And here's the little guy and me.  As you can see, he's quite pleased with the new daddy-son hang out digs!