Thursday, May 27, 2010

On to the Siding

It's been a few weeks since my last post... I started back to work full time, so my blogging has had to suffer a bit.   Normally in our DIY world, that wouldn't mean a whole lot.  However, since we're having this work done by MGZ, a lot has happened.

The framing is finished.  (here's the second floor)

The windows are in.

The roof is up.
The cornice returns are built & tiled.

The trim boards are up.
The cement floor is laid.
The siding is started.

The (custom) frame for the arched window is built.  The epoxy I used to rebuild the sashes a few years back has not held up so great.  That was just stuff I bought at Homer.  I'm hoping/thinking the special Rot Doctor stuff I bought for the porch posts does better.  At some point I may need to re-repair the sashes...

Makes me tired thinking about it!  Luckily, that's all I have to do on this project!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Framing Continues

This past week was pretty exciting for the Plain Jane Carriage House.  It started on Monday with the crane lifting the steel beam in place to support the second floor.  Here's a video:

With the beam in place, they finished the first floor ceiling/second floor floor.  Here it is in progress:

And finished:
And started work on the stairs.  Here's the opening for them and the parts being prepped.  I think it's called the stringer...?

And here's the opening for the stairs:

Because the first floor ceiling is so high (12') to accomodate Jim's lift, the stairs have to turn.  Here they are finished:

With the floor and the stairs in place, they started framing out the gables for the second floor.  They built these flat on the floor, and then lifted them up with a crane.  They stayed late Friday to get the front and back lifted up and the beam put in place between the two.

Here's a video of them lifting up the front 2nd floor and gable:

It's pretty cool right now because you can see the scale of the garage with the house.

We're using one of the arched windows I reglazed a few years ago to put in the front of the garage so that it matches the front of the house.  Here's Jim working that window out from the back of the attic.

I think he's still trying to decide what to put in it's place.  For now, the plastic will have to suffice.