Sunday, August 10, 2008

This one is for Dad

This post is for my dad. He never reads my blog, but always wants to know what I'm doing on the house. It's not like he's a techno-phobe without internet access... - he's on the computer and the internet on probably a daily basis. I think it might be the word "blog"... so maybe if I shame him into it, he just may actually read...?

Anyway, everytime I talk to him on the phone lately, I'm trying to explain the v-groove I'm routing into the balusters. Last time I talked to him, we talked about what was going wrong with the router/table set up and what options I might need to do to make it better...

So Dad, here is the solution we came up with. It seems to work pretty well:

We put a piece of plexi on the table, and then routed up through the plexi to make the smallest opening necessary. Then we left the clamped fence that we originally had as is.

And here is what the routed v-groove on one of the balusters looks like:

This will sit on top of a base rail with a matching profile - as seen in the picture in this link. Does it make sense now Dad?

As I was routing all the balusters, I took a closer look at some of the one I did first and kept in the "good" pile. I looked at them close up, then put them up in rows on the stairs to see if I had them all together if I'd notice all the faults. Blah! I have gotten too good at making them. So even though this is what they look like from a distance:

This is what I will see every time I look at it:

So the first 10 are now in a bad pile!

But the priming has begun:

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