Sunday, August 17, 2008


You know that SNL skit where Chris Farley is hitting himself and saying "Idiot!" - ya, well that's how I feel today!

After the rain leak issues, our front door has not been the same. It's totally swollen and won't open or close with any sense of ease. So I decided to scrape the multiple layers of paint around the corner that was having trouble. THAT went pretty well. And then I rubbed candle wax on it, and it opens and closes much more normally now. (althought at some point, more work will need to be done to repaint...)

And THEN, for some unknown reason, I all of the sudden decided I needed to get rid of the random security system sticker that has been on the door glass for who knows how long.

So, I took my heat gun and scraper to it. Yes, that's right. I took the heat gun to it. At full heat. You might think I would know better. After all, I have reglazed a couple of windows using this method with varying success. and after all, I am on the "Glass Commodity Team" at work. Yes, that's right - I said the glass commodity team. Over 50% of my job is dealing with glass - suppliers, converting, and processing through high heat ovens. But apparently I left all my "expertise" at work this weekend.

As I'm working on the sticker, with heat gun a-blazin... CRACK!


I think the only solace I have in this little situation is that because of my contacts at work, I can probably get a replacement light made without too much trouble. But that forces another non insignificant project - it means totally scraping the door, removing the moulding, and reglazing. agh! I have a feeling that's a project for another time. I'll have to live with a ghetto crack at least until the porch is further along.


Nathan said...

Oh, that sucks. Good place for a sun catcher?

Gabriella said...

Oh man! Sucktown. Now, what do you mean 'zactly by re-glazing? Is that a way to repair a crack in glass? Is that what the window repair guys do when they fix a crack in your windshield? Please 'splain and improve my knowledge base! :)

Tiffany said...

Good idea Nate - maybe I can put some of that fake leaded glass film over it...???

Gaby - re-glazing is just a fancy renovation word for taking the old glass out and putting new glass in. These cracks are way too big to do the non-removal repair....