Friday, August 15, 2008

More Porch Floor Continued

Last night we continued laying the porch floor from the miter to the back. We had a pretty good method going. We prelaid the boards, marked a line for the screw location, and then put hash marks where each screw was to be drilled. Then I would place the individual boards with the nail spacers, and Jim would screw them in. And so on, in assembly line fashion.

It was working well last night, except for the pesky mosquitos. My blood must be like candy to them because I could not keep them away! I ran over the the mini-mart to see if they had any repellant, but unfortunately for me, they had just run out. So I spent my cash on Swedish Fish and diet root beer instead and returned back to the house. (drat that mini-mart!)

Then I remembered that I had a citronella candle in the garage. So we pulled that and a tiki torch out - left over from when we used to have barbeques... While not a perfect solution, I have to say that it did thin out most of the swarms.

And here Jim is, screwing in the last screw of the field boards:

And Taya, with stomach staples freshly removed, supervised all evening from the front door:

Here is the deck, just before we retired for the evening - to eat our 9:30 dinner and watch the Olympics before we fell asleep:

(notice the Swedish Fish and diet root beer placed conspicuously on the porch floor)

Once again, we were kind to our neighbors and refrained from running the saw to trim off the excess boards.

And here it is, in the light of this morning's sun:

It's almost like you can start to see the beginnings of a good porch - a wicked good porch. You might have to squint really hard and use your imagination, but it's there...

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KathyE said...

Did you use Azek from Vintage Woodworks for the porch floor?? I ordered the sample kit and am very impressed by the way it looks. If you did use it, how long have you had it and are you satisifed with it?? We have a double sleeping porches on the side of our house and need to replace the floor. We were thinking about using this product. Just wanted to know what someone else thought. Thanks!