Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jim's Garage Plan

Jim has been working on Google's Sketch Up to draft up ideas for the garage. We finally figured out how to format it to add to the blog. So here it is - this isn't an architectural drawing, it's just him playing around to see how it would look.

The size he's looking at is 24' x 36', large enough to fit 2 cars in the front, a project car or two in the back, and high enough to add a lift or two. Maybe more than a typical suburbanite would need, but what can we say, Jim's a car man.

We'd like to also make it big enough that we could finish the second floor one day if we like. Maybe a future workshop or playroom or something... But for now, it will be unfinished.

Then my favorite - The phase 2 of the plan will connect the garage to the back of the house via a *mudroom* and fix the back of the kitchen. (that's still the dream phase for now)

The actual drawings are in process.

So what still needs to be done?
-submit the plans & plot plans to the building inspector for a permit
-petition the zoning board for a variance to build closer to the property line & house than the code allows
-rent a dumpster to put the old garage in
-write a big giant check to the contractor

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Nathan said...

A 4-star garage in carriage house clothing. Great idea, great plans!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Nate! That's exactly the look we're going for...

Garage Plan said...

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