Friday, October 23, 2009

The Biggest Refrigerator EVER!!!

OK, maybe not "EVER"...
When I bought the house several years ago, I decided I had to have a true vintage refrigerator in the kitchen.  I was in a time crunch to move in so  I started my search locally.  That came up empty, so I expanded my search on eBay and found my lovely little GE fridge I had shipped in from Wisconsin, of all places.  I had been living in apartments and hardly eating in, so I usually only had about 3 things in a mostly empty apartment fridge.  So my little vintage GE fridge suited me just fine.

Fast forward to today...  There's now 2 of us, and as I'm finishing up night school, we're trying to eat more home cooked meals.  The little GE fridge doesn't quite cut it anymore.  It doesn't even fit a whole gallon of milk.  So we've been making runs to the store every couple of days for a new half gallon, which, by the way, sometimes costs MORE than a gallon.  The thing is constantly jam packed. 

Then add in the little one on the way...  I'd like to actually try to cook at least some of my own baby food.  There's no space for that now.

Out of curiosity the other day, I measured the inside space of the vintage GE fridge.  5.5 cubic feet.  That includes the about 1-2 cubic feet that is wasted by the unusable and constantly frosted up freezer compartment.  hmm. 

Jim's has continued to troll Craigslist, and came across a lovely 4-year old Jenn-Air french door stainless steel number.  It was even "counter depth" - so it wouldn't stick out too much from our less-than-standard-depth counters.  Awesome.  The price was pretty good, so we snapped it up.

20 cubic feet.  Not the biggest EVER, but ridiculously big compared to a little vintage fridge!

Even more amusing is what the new fridge looked like once we transfered all the jam packed food over to it (and bought our first gallon of milk in a long time):

Just so you don't worry, I won't be throwing the little GE fridge out!  and I won't be selling it - I couldn't bear to part with something so cute!  It has a future in Jim's to-be-built garage...