Friday, October 23, 2009

Garage Plan Update

Jim was finally able to meet with the town building inspector this week.  He was able to give Jim an idea on what would actually pass variances and what wouldn't.  The outcome of that meeting was that while we could probably get a variance for the detached garage on the previous plan I posted, it would not ever be able to be attached.

So the current plan is to try to fit something within all the requirements so that we don't actually have to get any variances and the inspector will go ahead and give us a permit.  There's basically a couple of options:

-Move the garage in the previous plan to the right a few feet (must be 12 feet from the property line for an attached garage) and back
-Move the garage to the back of the house, slightly angle it so that it remains 12 feet from the property line and also makes it easier to pull into the garage.

Our current thought is to do the second option.  Here's Jim's plan for that:

Jim has more thoroughly thought out the pros and cons of both options (I had to work on a midterm last night)
But if I remember right, the pros for this option are
-get a permit quickly
-more streamlined look with the house

-larger driveway to snowblow
-have to find 3 carriage house doors now
-might be a little tight getting into the garage (either option becomes difficult when meeting the set-back requirements)

Anyway, this decision moves us along. Now Jim can go back to the architect and tell him what he wants drawn up. Then he can take the official drawings to the building inspector to get the permit.

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