Thursday, April 3, 2008


So the appraiser put together this little sketch of the floorplan. It's not exactly accurate, but it's close enough to post in a blog. I like how he called my closet room the "Sitting Area"........ sounds like a parlour or something. And I like how he added a "closet" to the guest bedroom.

If I knew how to draw things in Autocad, I'd put something together that's a little more accurate, and then I'd show how I want to change the space a bit. But I don't, so you will just have to look at my crude drawing and imagine the kitchen as one straight block - the blue rectangle, and about 6 feet of mudroom/laundry room built on to the left side - the red rectangle. That get's really long and skinny - so maybe there's a kitchen-accessed pantry in the back or something. That's something for Stacey to think about...

What I don't really know is if I should bother to do anything with the 2nd floor in this addition I'm dreaming up... You start wondering how much to spend before it's better to move someplace else. The layout upstairs is so wierd, that you'd get into changing everything just to make a good flow. Or you just make just one giant master suite - and change the attic storage to a master bath, cutting off all the bathroom doors but one. What a novel idea - only having one door in a bathroom... But why have one, when you can have 3???

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