Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 down...

Only 48 left to go!

I used the new blades, and they worked much better. I only broke 3 tonight.

The ones in the picture are made out of poplar. I also tried cutting one out of "hardiplank" or "tuffboard" -- I don't remember what it was called, but that rot-proof fake wood. I'm sort of against the idea of using fake wood, but wanted to at least give it a try. It kept sort of melting back together. So I'm nixing the fake wood.

Here's my other picture of what I did on Sunday:

I almost got one whole post done, but it started raining. I fiddled around with my Silent Paint Remover. I don't think the bulbs work - they only glow orange on one side. I took it apart, and thought I found the problem - 2 screws at the electrical connection were missing. But moving the screws that were there into different spots didn't change it. I should probably just suck it up and buy new bulbs.

I'm totally ghetto, because that ladder is still in that very same position.

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Gabriella said...

Those look totally amazing! You are my hero!