Thursday, January 1, 2009

One - One Working Door!

That's right - all the hardware is back on and the door is back up. Here's a look at the installed doorknob & backplate:

The plain hardware is kind of growing on me - now that it's all put together. It doesn't exactly match the rest of the nickel & chrome stuff in the bathroom... but I'll probably live with it for now.

We were pretty close to having the door fit, but had to chisel out a little bit at the striker plate:

Here's a picture of the door all closed from inside the bathroom:

It might not look very exciting - but believe me, our next guests will be very happy to have actually have the privacy! The only wierd thing is that the door was poor fitting for so long and people had sort of jammed the door closed, that the top corner of the door is literally bent out - so it still sticks out a little when the rest of the door is closed...

Now it's time to start work on the 2nd door. To better understand the issue and why I am scraping the doors down to bare wood, here's some pictures of the 2nd door...

Maybe I'm obesessive, but it really annoys me when there's giant paint chipped areas that have just been painted over. Or when it gets all gummed up and nasty at the edge. yuck. It's like those little "shabby chic" places that have peeling paint as a decorative element - blah! just makes me feel like scraping it off.

Anyway - here's a view at the different paint layers inside the bathroom:

From latest to earliest, the trim has been
-white (painted by me)
-lilac (the existing color when I moved in)
-mint or sea green (very similar to what is on the walls now)
-tan-like apricot
-dark stain or varnish

What a crazy rainbow of colors! I have a personal preference for white painted trim but I'm pretty sure that the mauve, apricot, green, and lilac were all the work of the Fanaros (POs). When you're painting something lilac, why stop at the trim???

From the first picture you can see that not only was the beadboard painted lilac, but also the bottom of the tub. And then in the second picture (mid demolition) you can see that the trim and top of the walls were painted lilac also. Yikes. It was like a purple nightmare. That purple still peaks through now and again, and it still makes me have bad dreams.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you--my PO painted over chipped paint. Either do something right or don't do it all, right?

TO.Victorian said...

Great work! Keeping the orig. hardware really makes a difference to a house and I love the black porcelain knobs. Thanks for your comment on my hardware work. It is fun finding out what is under all that paint.

Great house and I love your blog!

emily said...

Wow -- look at that paint! Maybe you should keep the graded look with all the colours -- that would be something! Lol.

Stacey Lund-Walker said...

I love the pictures of your house! I like to see the progression (recession?) of finding out what was there before and taking it out to do it right! That's my favorite part of anything.

KEL said...

Man, I sympathize on the painted door knobs. I don't think anyone taped up any of the woodwork EVER in the new house. There's crappy white paint mistakes and drips EVERYWHERE.