Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If the Key Fits...

Yesterday I met Jim down in New Bedford at New England Demolition and Salvage. I had a few goals:
1. Get rid of the old balusters (hopefully for some trade credit)
2. Find some neat backplates and hinges
3. Find a key that fits in the door lockset

I think we were sucessful in one and a half of the goals...

Not only did we find one key, but actually found 5, and bought the 3 best fits.

They wouldn't pay anything for the old balusters, but they gladly accepted them for free. Unfortunately, that was after we already paid for the keys. I suspect that he would have done a trade, but too late. Hopefully, the balusters will eventually go to a good place. For now, some other pack rat can keep them around in his 80,000 sqft warehouse. Don't worry - I kept 4 of them for myself. Perhaps to be made into some creative something or other.

Now, for the backplates and hinges... they were sorely lacking in cool-ness. Plenty of plain stuff - but I already have plain stuff, so there's no need to buy more. I may look at some other salvage yards, but the repro stuff is looking better and better.