Thursday, April 11, 2013


I've been trolling on Pinterest and thumbing through This Old House magazines that are piled up in our house, trying to find an ideal kitchen layout to fit our house.  The original plan that Michael Gelb drew up had the new kitchen in the new addition at the back of the house (same spot as the existing kitchen).

However, as I'm pretty sure I mentioned, we're thinking about moving the location to get more use out of our existing square footage (i.e. the dining room that is essentially a really big hallway from the family room to the kitchen)  Well, I think I found a perfect layout:

If you take out the wall between the sewing room and the dining room, the dimensions are just about the same.  Doorways are in a slightly different location, but if you flip it, it's essentially the same...  the kitchen would be in the existing sewing room and the eating nook would be in the existing dining room.  And the "to new family room" would be to the existing family room.

Of course, we'd have to get rid of the chimney.  But we don't have a real fireplace anyway... and the oil burner could be vented a different way.

Here's a couple other pictures:

Drool, drool, drool.  Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin.

Here's the link to the gallery on This Old House.

Now, we're not sure exactly what we would do with the space between this and the mudroom, but there's got to be an elevator in there somewhere, and maybe it's a "Morty Suite" with a bedroom and big accessible bath... or maybe since there's an elevator, the Morty Suite can just be located upstairs and the downstairs is a therapy room/equipment garage and bathroom??  Maybe part of it is a hallway that is a big ramp from the mudroom to the existing house?  (there's about a 2-3 step difference in the design from the house to the garage - was supposed to be a step down to the kitchen and 2? steps down to the mudroom)  Still debating this one.  Anyway, we meet with Michael Gelb this weekend to go over our needed changes to the design.


rlaggren said...

Really enjoy your blog. You guys and Mort will be a huge plus anywhere. Hope you all continue to have mostly fun w/your plans and work.

Re: Kitchen plan (you show)- my personal experience. 1) Range hood fan to outside is worth it if at all possible. 2) "Pantry blocks sight line from door. If you can replace w/counter and high (over eye level) cabinet it will open up room's feeling. 3) Island sink can be tiny - mostly hand rinse and garbage disposer; sink can move away from refrig and range toward other end to allow two large prep areas close to food sources. 4) Food prep area needs QUICK/easy garbage access; a counter hole w/garbage beneath is most convenient. 5) LARGE recycle (glass, plastics, paper) bin close at hand in kitchen makes recycling much more likely. 6) Might consider range on island facing sink but not directly across (so two people can work range and sink at the same time) - would open counter next to refrig, provide close water for pots on range; but island range would make the hood/fan quite expensive. 7) Can opener s/b near can storage and/or prep area. 8) Pot storage near range. 9) Make a dedicated place for pot tops to store vertically if you're going to nest pots in storage. 10) Large pull-out bin stores left-over containers (optional - but always seems t/b a big mess).

Garbage seems easiest if it's in small bags (plastic retail bags) and the main garbage is located along the route people usually leave the house so it can go out at least once or twice a day. If main garbage is too far in wrong direction, put a 5 gallon galvanized can w/lid just outside kitchen door and use it to stage garbage.

Best luck


Tiffany Lund said...

Thanks Rufus - I like a lot of your ideas! Our plan will be a little different than this one (it's still in process), but hopefully you'll come back and give some more feedback on our actual plan!