Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vacation from Renovation: Jalopy Jamboree

Even with precious few good weekends left in the season, we took a break from our renovating activities to go to Jim's car club's 7th annual Alter Boys Jalopy Jamboree.

Jim has been killing himself trying to get his '36 ready - he decided to chop the top 10 days before the show... Here it is, in the state it was at the show, looking pretty good:

They found a new location this year, conveniently at the local AmVets, just 5 minutes from the house. It was a very nice location, with sort of a woodsy feel and views of a lake. I think they had their best turnout yet, with estimates between 200 and 400 cars.

The boys controlled the entry:

The wives sold t-shirts, as usual:

It was a good weekend, and we were happy to have several house guests ignore our crazy renovation mess and stay over for the festivities.

And unfortunately, they are forecasting rain for this coming weekend...


Stacey Lund-Walker said...

Where was Jim's Alter Boys shirt?
I think it's interesting that all those cars have little bitty windshields--that open up. Was that common for the time period?

Tiffany said...

Well, yes and no - It was a factory windshield that opened up - it sort of made it cooler, before there was air conditioning. But those boys have all chopped their cars - they've taken several inches off the height of the cab. So the original windshields are not so itty bitty...