Sunday, September 7, 2008

In the Path of Hanna

Warnings of being dumped on by Hanna's rain made us start late on Saturday. It was extremely humid, but not rainy for most of the morning. It was about noon that we actually got started.

Here's the first peek at the post on the porch - Jim was testing out the placement and making sure everything was going to be level:

We edged one side and the front of the porch. I cut this piece using the scroll saw:

It cut through the plastic like buttah compared to the poplar balusters.

We put the front edge on and then put 2 of the posts up.

So pretty. We did lots of walking back and looking at it from across the street.

Then we were drawing a chalk line on the long edge of the porch to trim it off and edge it, when it actually started to rain. Jim offered to stand off to the side with a stick while I used the saw, but strangely, I didn't take him up on that offer.

We kept checking the radar, somehow thinking it might pass by or we might catch a clear pocket...

But that was foolish thinking and about 6:30 we packed up and went inside to let Hanna pass.