Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heat Wave

Yesterday started a little heat wave here in New England.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have been stuck in summer intensive classes the past two weekends - which also means that my work on the house has essentially come to a grinding halt - I can still hear the squeel of the brakes!

But I love to work outside when it's warm. I even love to work outside when it's HOT! Call me crazy - or blame my father for making us (I mean, creating the opportunity to) mow lawns all summer in the southern Indiana heat, which I like to refer to as 90/90 - 90 degrees, 90% humidity.

So as soon as I got out of school yesterday afternoon (yes, that would be Saturday), I trucked over to Homer and picked up some mulch. 10 bags, to be exact. Then I weeded and spread the stuff out along the side and the front. It's amazing how clean mulch makes everything look.

Now, I probably should have been trimming out more of the balusters to use my time more effectively. And I know most of you would have rather spent your time in a cool basement on a 90+ day, but not me!

While weeding, I came across several dandilions. How big can a dandilion get?, you might ask. Well, this one must be in the running... Here it is a day after being hit with a full trigger of Round Up:

Ya. I don't think it even flinched.

And here is a little montage I like to call "Plants around my house that I hate"

ONE DAY, these will all be taken to the Natick Recycling Center to be chopped up into little bits for easier composting! ...well, maybe I'll be kind to the hosta and just split it up into like 20 parts and put it someplace shady.

So I know you have all been asking yourselves
- where's Jim? What's he up to these days -
Ah, yes, well, this has been his little project:

It's a Ford 1936 3-window coupe. He loves it very much. He loves it so much, if he wasn't already married to me, he'd marry it. He says it's now drivable...
I can't wait for a summer time cruise.