Thursday, February 28, 2008

Down to the Wire

So back in early February when they scheduled the stove installation for March 6th, I thought that was a LONG time away... now that it's the end of February, and we still have not gotten that hearth pad made, it doesn't seem like such a long time!

The tiles are still sitting on the floor in the pattern posted a while earlier. Tuesday at lunch I went and picked the stove up. I also got 20 bags of pellets.

Last weekend I had school all day Saturday. Then a test in my Finance class (most difficult one I've had) on Monday night, so that weekend was shot.

Then this weekend I actually decided to take a vacation! So I'm in San Diego visiting my parents and Katie & Angela. Meanwhile, Jim's work decided to put him on rotating Saturdays, with this Saturday being the first of his... it's also his shop's winter party, so you can imagine how happy he is about having to work. And I'm sure he'll be really excited to put a hearth together too... (side note: this is yet another good reason for him to take the other job!)

Nonetheless, between now and next Thursday morning, we have to get some fireproof material on the floor! Not sure how it's going to happen. I'm crossing my fingers that Jim gets something built while I'm gone. Maybe I can stay home on Monday and tile? or maybe I can do that on Wednesday night? There really is not enough time to do everything!!!


Sachiko said...

Are mom and dad in San Diego now? It's getting a bit warmer here in Minnesota!

Tiffany said...

Yep - they are! They'll be there for another couple of weeks. I just got back to Boston, and Brandon goes out there for this coming weekend.