Friday, April 9, 2010

Demo Day

Well, yesterday was the big day.  The little garage was demolished. 
When I replaced the shingles and siding, luckily I only did the front.  Some might say I was lazy, but I like to think I had foresight to know it would have been futile.

And here is Oscar enjoying his last romp in the open expanse of our backyard.

It's always a little amazing how much faster a contractor with the right tools is...

He just pushed the dumpster in through the garage door and went at it with the back hoe.  Here's a couple of videos capturing the event:

The start of the demo:

And dumping the north side wall:

These were captured mainly for Jim, who couldn't be home from work this morning...  but also for Morty, who will one day be sad he wasn't old enough to care at the time!  What little boy doesn't love a front loader and a backhoe?

Here's Oscar checking the whole thing out from inside the house.  Abbey was a bit more sheepish and stayed in the background.  Although she barked the loudest through the day.

After all the garage was down, the digging commenced.  Now there is a giant hole in our backyard.  And what yard didn't get digged up, pretty much is piled up with dirt.  So the dogs now only have a teeny tiny space to do their business.

The contractor pulled out a few bottles from his digging.  Jim and I went later last night to check the bottles out.  It didn't look like there was anything particularly special, but we looked further at the location on the back right side of the hole.  It looked like it must have been a fire hole, because it was blacker, sootier dirt than the rest of the dirt, and there was a lot of random garbage in there - like pieces of a bedframe and the bottom of a tiolet and some other unidentifiable stuff.  Nice.


Kathy said...

Looks like you are off to a good start! Can't wait to see the rest. We had a lot of trees cut down when my son was 4, the guys took him for a ride up and down the street in a Bobcat. It was one of the best days of his life!!! said...

Hi Michelle.

This is my first visit to your lovely blog via Kathy's blog (you're on her blog roll)! I will be returning. I too am an old home owner - an 1880s Victorian Farmhouse in NJ. Your post caught my attention because your sweet garage that was demoed had a similar paint and shingle job as a previous home I owned. I read about the plans you have and it will look great.