Sunday, May 31, 2009

Walnut Hill Beauty

Driving through the Walnut Hill neighborhood today I saw the "Open House" sign posted for one of my favorite houses. Luckily, I had a few moments, so I stopped and went in. Very nice. It wasn't over-the-top in the way that some Victorians can be, but it still had enough of the historic elements to give it the charm I love. The bathroom upstairs still had the original subway tile on the walls and hex tile on the floors (it was also a good tile job, unlike ours!) There were 4 large bedrooms on the second floor, and an additional 2 on the 3rd floor/converted attic. The funniest thing I saw there was in the sunroom area, which was at some point a porch - they still had the exterior water spigot plumbed in - all enclosed in the piano-adorned sunroom!

The listed price was $799K. Can we sell our Plain Jane and buy please!!! Well, we still can't buy $799K, but that is a serious steal for that place! I would guess that a couple years ago or so, it would have been listed over a million. Just a guess.

So nice.

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goddessof4 said...

Gorgeous house!!! Yeah, I would trade in our house for a large Victorian any day!!!! I want the third floor attic space!!!!