Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hot Soup on a Cold Day 2008

Well, maybe it was more of an "unseasonably warm day" - but we still enjoyed celebrating our end of the (exterior) working season with friends.

This was the largest gathering we've had at the house since I moved in. It was also many people's first chance to see the house, so there were lots of tours and pulling out of the "before" photo book. My friends Tom & Jen even drove up from Long Island and stayed the weekend - it was so nice to have them here!

This year's soup party was a potluck, with prizes going to the crowd-voted "Most Delicious Soup" - and there were 13 incredibly delicious soups! Our honorable mentions were Candice's fresh pumpkin soup and Andrew's (Ancient Chinese Secret) hot and sour soup. Yummy! Here are the winners...

This was first place - Steve & Katherine's Mexican taco soup - with all the fixin's:

This was second place - Kate's gourmet tomato, basil, and pancetta soup:

This was third place - Jen's carrot ginger soup - her mother's recipe:

And the winners - Jen, Steve, and Kate with their prize loot:

We're definitely doing this again!

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C&C said...

How fun! That is such a good idea!